Community Memorial Baptist Church

"Through These Doors Everybody is Somebody"

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Meet the Pastor

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Savior!

I want to encourage you to walk in the way of the Lord.  I believe the church needs to focus on its mission and its duty to God.  A vision will keep the church focused on its work.  For many get weary and stop working.  Our vision is for everyone, young and old, saved and unsaved, to get involved in work.

 I believe that those who give generously towards Gods work will not only be a blessing to others they will be blessed as well.

God has blessed this church family to serve the community and mankind from this location 132 Waverly St.  Our motto here states that through these doors everybody is somebody.  It’s my prayer that we build on the past looking towards the future.

 Your Pastor,

 Rev. Alfred Dampier